Smile Direct Club (and lesser known competitors) promise customers a “self-treatment” option for misaligned teeth using mail-order aligners.  While cheap, convenient, at home braces might sound tempting, don’t be fooled. Moving teeth is a complex biological process.  Although at home treatment might work for some people, it can cause permanent damage to gums and even lead to tooth loss. That won’t give you much to smile about.

Investigative reports from various news organizations, along with official complaints from industry groups like the American Association of Orthodontists, have raised questions about the safety and legality of this approach to orthodontics.

What is the best way to correct for misaligned teeth? By visiting an Orthodontist! 

Orthodontists are specialists that are required to not only attend dental school, but receive additional education and training focused exclusively on the movement of teeth, jawbones, facial bones, and soft tissue–3,700 hours of specialized training. They understand growth and development and are also called dentofacial orthopedists. Their job is to not only make sure that your smile looks great, but your bite feels good and functions properly.

We at Olson Orthodontics know that not all alignments are the same, we are committed to educating our patients so that you can make wise decisions about your oral healthcare. Take comfort in knowing, we’ve got your back!