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As our world is changing, we are rising to meet the times!   If you want to get started with your orthodontic treatment, simply fill out our quick contact form and we will begin a FREE consultation virtually.  Simply UPLOAD PHOTOS OF YOUR SMILE, we will assess and get your treatment plan underway! 

Using your smartphone, take a picture of your smile.  Smile as BIG AS YOU CAN!  (Have a family member snap the pics for better results!) Sample Image Below

Then, take a picture of your lower teeth:  Open as WIDE AS YOU CAN, and snap a picture looking down at the front teeth. If you can pull your lips away from the teeth, that will surely help! Sample Image Below

Then take another picture, STILL AS WIDE AS YOU CAN of your upper front teeth.  Again, having a family member help if possible. Sample Image Below

Click below, and fill out the Quick Contact Form.  Upload the photos in the form, and you’re getting started!   IT’S FREE!  

Within 24 hrs Dr. Olson will confirm receipt of the images and from there we will work with you to  coordinate a virtual consult to discuss  your treatment needs!  


We look forward to hearing from you today!