Something New. . . . . . . . . . . Awesome.......... Game Changing is now part of Olson Orthodontics!

Exciting news! Our practice is growing, welcoming new patients and embracing the latest technology to elevate your care. Our recent innovation revolutionizes our services, making treatment more efficient and considerably faster than before. We’re thrilled to introduce…

SprintRay Pro 3D Printing!

We’re thrilled to introduce the latest addition to our office: the SprintRay Pro 3D Printer! This cutting-edge technology enables us to create precise models of your teeth. These models are instrumental in crafting retainers or aligners to enhance your smile OR  to make aligners to straighten teeth! 

  • Ability to re-create lost retainers, without having to take a new impression of the teeth.  
  • Ability to treat patients with braces AND aligners
  • Ability to remove braces, and finish detailed treatment with aligners.
  • Ability to make OUR OWN ALIGNERS! 

With the implementation of cutting-edge technology and uLab orthodontic software, we can now create precise treatment models for those opting for clear aligner treatment. Proudly crafted in York, Pennsylvania, USA, under the guidance of Dr. Olson, our aligners are customized for each patient. This innovation marks a significant step forward, enabling Olson Orthodontic Aligners to provide a more efficient and effective method for clear aligner tooth movement. We’re excited to bring you this enhanced experience at our practice!