Confidence in a Beautiful Smile

You will likely have a LOT of questions regarding treatment for your teen, and you want the BEST treatment options available.   During your Teen’s first visit, we will address their main concern, and from there, yours and their questions will always be answered.  We get to the bottom of why they need treatment, and how to treat them MOST effectively:  

Traditional metal braces are the most common option for treating teens.  They can choose colors for their braces and make treatment FUN!

Clear braces offer the same treatment success as metal braces, but are difficult to see.  They make a great alternative for those seeking discreet treatment.

These colorful ties hold the wire to the braces.  They make treatment fun as your teen can match their school colors, or favorite teams!

Clear Aligners are an alternative to braces in some cases.  Invisalign is the most widely marketed brand.  Along with Invisalign our office offers Olson Aligners, clear aligners custom made by Dr. Olson and team for efficient and effective tooth movement.  In all cases, aligners only work if they are worn.  If your teen wears them sporadically, treatment results will vary. 

Palatal expanders play an important role to fix crowding.  Teens up to 14 -15 years old can still benefit from these useful appliances!

Elastics (rubber bands) are used to correct the bite.  Essentially, they pull the upper and lower teeth together.  They can be worn in many ways, to treat different bite problems.

The Herbst is a device that positions the lower jaw forward. It is used when correction of the jaw is needed, and elastics are not strong enough. We use the Herbst when trying to avoid surgical correction of the jaw.

The transition from the last baby teeth to adult teeth provides space that we can use.  Holdng the space can provide a lot of correction with minimal effort!

We Love Educating Our Patients!

After your Teen’s first visit, you will know WHY treatment is needed, and SEE why we recommend certain options.  We are confident you will trust our treatment plan because we mix the best diagnostic technology along with common sense!

Results Please....

Here are some results from the types of treatment listed above:


Palatal Expander and Braces


Space Maintainer and Braces


Braces, Expander and Herbst


Clear Aligners


We look forward to creating the beautiful smile you and your teen are dreaming about!  What’s stopping you???