Phase I Treatment

For Children ages 8+

Phase I Treatment is simply orthodontic treatment that is performed before all the adult teeth are all present. Typically the age is between 8-11 years old.   In most cases, treatment takes less than 12 months to complete.  The purpose of Phase I treatment is to fix any immediate problems – mostly crowding of teeth, as well as to address some problems with the bite. Typically Phase I treatment will consist of the methods below:

Palatal Expander

A palatal expander corrects a constricted or narrow upper jaw.  It is especially helpful to create space for the front teeth (incisors), and to widen the smile.  Although plastic aligners are becoming more popular, they CANNOT create orthopedic expansion of the bone.  When combined with braces on the front teeth, Phase I palatal expansion creates the foundation for a beautiful smile for your child.


Partial Braces

Braces placed on the upper incisors (front teeth) are used to straighten out rotations, and to close space.  This is a standard part of our Phase I treatment to maximize esthetics.  In some cases, we use braces on the lower front teeth if crowding is severe.  In the case above, a palatal expander was used in conjunction with braces to achieve a beautiful result!

After Active Treatment

Space Maintainer

A lingual holding arch is a wire that is placed behind the lower front teeth, and connected to the adult molars.  When the last baby molars fall out, there is extra space for the adult teeth.  This appliance holds the extra space to allow the front teeth some relief from crowding.  

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