Frequently Asked... Questions Concerns Need to Knows!

Treatment time is dependent on each patient’s specific orthodontic problem. The “average” time frame for a person in braces is about 18 months. Full Invisalign cases can average about 12 months. Less difficult cases can take 6 months or less.

Appointments are scheduled according to each patient’s needs. Most patients in braces will be seen every 4 to 6 weeks. This is to ensure treatment flows efficiently and is monitored closely.

Yes. We understand your busy schedule, and we are happy to help you make the most of your time. On some occasions, we may request to speak with a parent when they return, so we ask that parents check in before dropping their child off.

Yes! Regular checkups with your family dentist are important while in braces. Your family dentist will determine the intervals between cleaning appointments while you are in braces.

Generally, braces do not “hurt.” After the first few adjustments, teeth may be sore for a few days. In these situations, pain medications such as Advil or Tylenol will ease the discomfort. Remember, it doesn’t need to hurt to work!

Yes. We recommend a mouth guard for all sports.

Yes. Once treatment begins, we will provide detailed instructions and a comprehensive list of foods to avoid. Some of those foods include: ice, hard candy, raw vegetables and all sticky foods.

No.  A surprising percentage of our patients are adults. In fact, 25 percent of all orthodontic patients are adults. Health, happiness and self-esteem are vitally important to adults. No patient is “too old” to seek orthodontic treatment!

Yes.  A tooth with a crown will move just like a tooth with a simple filling. When teeth are missing, orthodontic treatment will aid in the alignment of the remaining teeth.