The future of orthodontics is here with an exciting new innovation from Olson Orthodontics, Olson Aligners.  This new customized smile system offers clear plastic, personalized aligners to get you to your new smile faster. So, what are the benefits when your orthodontist can design and manufacture your aligners directly? Convenience, Cost Savings, and Efficiency. 

Convenience: Olson Aligners are produced in our office, right here in YORK PA. The turnaround is FAST, sometimes even starting the same day!

Cost Savings: We have eliminated the large lab/marketing fees associated with commercial facilities and have taken control of aligner production, without any sacrifice in quality of product or care.

Efficiency: Your treatment works best when it is closely monitored.  We do not produce all of your aligners at once, and we WANT to see you in the clinic more than 2-3 times per year. If treatment progress changes are needed, we will react with the production of new aligners right away.

HOW do I get started? It all starts in our office with a 15-minute scan on an Itero intraoral imaging system. This process generates a 3D digital model of your teeth and is much easier and less messy than traditional impressions.  After your scan, Dr. Tom Olson digitally orchestrates tooth alignment software offering you a 3D visualization of your future smile. Once the desired outcome is achieved digitally, your plan is initiate with the printing of a model of your current smile and the in-house generation of crystal-clear customized aligners. 

One hundred percent doctor controlled and made in the USA, Olson Aligners allow for the benefit of excellent orthodontic treatment combined with the luxury and benefits of a customized aligner approach to achieve your perfect smile. You deserve it! 

A custom smile created just for you by your local orthodontist, Dr. Tom Olson is waiting! Call today.