1. Tooth Enamel Is the Hardest Substance in the Human Body. Move over, bones! The outer layer protecting our teeth is the hardest thing in our bodies. The next layer down, dentin, is also stronger than bone. Maintaining the health of your teeth and enamel daily and during your orthodontic treatment is essential. Unlike bones, teeth have a limited ability to ‘heal’ themselves.

2. The Oldest Known Dental Filling Is Made of Beeswax. In 2012, scientists X-rayed the jaw of a Neolithic man who lived 6,500 years ago in modern-day Slovenia. They discovered he had a filling made out of beeswax. Today we use wax in orthodontic treatment as a protectant from the irritation of a bracket or wire.

3. Tooth Pulling Used to Be a Public Spectacle. Before modern dentistry existed, the task of tooth extraction in Britain fell to a strange assortment of professions: blacksmiths, wigmakers and a very specific kind of ‘sideshow’ entertainer. These service providers traveled to fairs and marketplaces wearing silly hats and sometimes even strings of teeth. They would make a grand entrance, sometimes on horseback or with a team of assistants. Loud noises were a key part of the act, both to draw a crowd and to drown out the screams of their “patients.” This continued into the 1800s.

Modern dentistry and orthodontics have come a long way! Come visit Olson Orthodontics today to learn more about your options for a healthy beautiful smile!