What You Should Know About Teeth Straightening At Home Kits

Smile Direct Club (and lesser known competitors) promise customers a “self-treatment” option for misaligned teeth using mail-order aligners.  While cheap, convenient, at home braces might sound tempting, don’t be fooled. Moving teeth is a complex biological process.  Although

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Breaking the Habit

Babies have natural sucking reflexes, which can cause them to put their thumbs or fingers into their mouths. Ultrasound images reveal that thumb sucking often happens even before birth.  It’s a baby’s way to feel secure

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The History of Flossing

Did you know that according to the American Dental Association (ADA), only about 12 percent of Americans floss as recommended, once daily? Flossing is not a new concept. While the modern floss may look a lot different than historical floss, the goal is the same: to dislodge food from

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How Are Toothbrushes Recycled?

Oral Care products and packaging vary greatly by material and can include different numbered plastics, along with aluminum, steel, and nylon.  Toothbrushes are one of the most complicated items for recycling, simply because they’re made up of

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Can a Smile Change the Way I See Myself?

New research suggests it can!  In a new study published in Nature Scientific Reports, they find that objective characteristics of the smile influence self-perception of smile attractiveness.  It’s been long known that facial expressions play a leading role

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