Known officially as Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT), three-dimensional x-rays are similar to a medical CT scan, but CBCT scans are much faster and require much less radiation. Medical CT scans of the head take between 3 and 5 minutes while CBCT scans provide their results in less than 10 seconds and use up to 100 times less radiation!
The magic of CBCT technology is actually in the computer software. Nothing has changed with the actual x-rays used. As the x-rays pass through the patient and reach the sensor, the computer software assembles all the information into one three-dimensional model. Dr. Olson can then manipulate this image to look at areas of interest from any vantage point and offer a more personalized and precise treatment regime!
Not only do 3D x-rays take less time and use less radiation, they also acquire enough data in one single scan to create many different images. Dr. Olson can get a 3D model of the teeth, a panoramic image, cephalometric images, a TMJ series and an airway analysis to name a few… all without re-exposing the patient to more radiation. Three-dimensional radiography is a new addition to the Olson Orthodontic office and we are happy to say is here to stay! Go online at or call 717-755-1233 to schedule a consultation!